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Our classes are designed to be fun and effective, no matter your child’s age or level. Each lesson follows a similar structure, starting with an engaging warm-up activity. We then dive into verb conjugation, vocabulary building, grammar practice, and speaking exercises – all connected to one big, interesting topic we explore throughout the term! To keep things fresh, we include brain breaks for processing information. Don’t just take our word for it – come see the fun for yourself! Parents are always welcome to join in.  

Spoken across over 20 countries, Spanish boasts a beautiful variety of accents and slang. But fear not – just like understanding different English accents (like Australian or Scottish!), once you learn Spanish, communication with other Spanish speakers is a breeze. At SpanishMI, we focus on Latin American Spanish, but we also but we’ll also introduce the unique characteristics of Spain’s Spanish. 

We use data and the latest teaching methods to create a curriculum that’s both effective and fun. You won’t find boring textbook drills here – our focus is on practical skills for real-life situations. We use a mix of resources, from interactive online tools to videos and  songs, to keep things interesting. Plus, we constantly update our materials and get feedback from students and parents to make sure you’re getting the best possible learning experience. Our goal? To help you achieve your language goals in a way that’s both fun and effective!

To ensure a smooth learning experience, your child will need a few things:

  • Quiet, dedicated space: This minimizes distractions and helps them focus.
  • Computer with reliable internet: Stable internet is crucial for online learning.
  • Headphones (optional): Headphones can help block out background noise.
  • Printed workbook and other materials: We’ll provide this at the begining of the term so printing is all that is needed. 
  • School supplies: Pencil case with crayons or colour pencils, scissors, and glue.
  • White paper: This is handy for taking notes or doing activities. 
For our little learners (ages 5!): We highly recommend having a parent or guardian join them for the lessons. Our experience shows that at this young age, a friendly adult nearby can be a big help in getting the most out of the lesson.

Enrolment and Pricing

We list the cost of each course right here, and offer sibling discounts (third sibling) to make learning more affordable for families.

Our secure online system accepts credit cards and bank transfers, and we provide clear instructions and support to make the process smooth for parents.

Oh yes! You can have a 10% discount if:

  • You bring a friend. If we get a new enrolment because of your recommendation, you will get a 10% discount in the upcoming term.
  • You enrolled three siblings. (First and second kid’s fee would be full price, third and ongoing siblings will get a 10% discount).
  • Your kid takes more than one lesson per week.
SpanishMI takes pride in its boutique model, meaning we provide personalized attention to each student. Upon enrolment, your spot is secured for upcoming terms unless you inform us otherwise.

Please note: A reminder email will be sent in Week 7 of each term. Responding to this email is required to confirm your spot for the following term.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

Our program follows the NSW school terms and features a progressive curriculum, meaning each class builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous one. Therefore, we highly recommend starting your enrolment at the beginning of a term. However, for those who are unable to join at the start, new students are welcome to enrol anytime before Week 5 of any term.


  • A minimum of 12 hours notice is required to cancel a class before the scheduled lesson time. All cancellations should be sent to agrillo@spanishmi.com.au
  • Students who need a makeup lesson can join another available online lesson in the same week as the canceled class or the following week.


  • Students who miss a class without notifying us (no-shows) will be marked as absent and will not be eligible for a makeup lesson.

Refunds and Credits:

  • Please note that refunds or credits cannot be issued for canceled classes unless SpanishMI cancels the class.